Finger Joint Replacement Surgery

Finger arthroplasty, also referred to as finger joint replacement surgery, is an orthopaedic surgical procedure. This procedure is a very uncommon form of treatment.

Arthroplasty restores the functionality of a joint and is effective against stiffness, pain and swelling. The surgeon either inserts a partial prosthesis onto the surface of the joint or completely replaces it. Simply put, the damaged joint is replaced, remodeled and/or realigned with a durable artificial one.

The hand consists of several groups of joints that act as hinges when the fingers retract and extend.

Arthroplasty treats articular cartilage that is damaged or wears out over time. Patients often experience symptoms such as pain, stiffness and inflammation in the fingers.


  • Systemic diseases; may also be referred to as arthritis
  • Trauma caused from an injury
  • Degeneration of the joint (wear and tear)


Preceding the surgery, a complete physical examination is carried out and admittance to the hospital is the day of the procedure.

Patients of Josephides Healthcare Clinic, receive a call with specific pre-operative instructions the day before their operation.

During the procedure, a prosthesis is inserted into both ends of the finger bones. The new smooth surface restores the functionality of fingers.

Operation and recovery time are affected by the severity of a patient’s condition and his/her overall health.

What to consider

Patients who have undergone arthroplasty have major pain improvement and can perform activities comfortably. This treatment is recommended when non-surgical methods fail.

Arthroplastic treatment is performed at Ygia Polyclinic Private Hospital by Dr. med. Stephen Josephides.